Jump Jets! is a personal GameDev blog dedicated to video games, coding, digital art, gaming, and futuristic robotic footwear.

About me

I am a professional software engineer, who was fortunate enough to stumble into the game industry right out of college almost a decade ago. For me, GameDev is this rare, beautiful, intersection of art and technology, that embraces the creative forces of art and play, the engineering prowess of the state of the art, and the dedication to precision of master craftsmen.

I’ve worked in AAA studios, as well as smaller shops, and now I’m doing some hobby development on my own as well. As a computer nerd at heart, I’m also drawn to technology, science and electronics in general, as well as table top games (aka analog games :] ) and other forms of traditional entertainment media.

If you want to pay me to work on your game or anything really, feel free to check out my resume.