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    Model a Day - Day 16: The Queen

    Following the chess theme, next up is the queen.

    If you’ve been following the progression from the pawn and bishop, you may have noticed the pattern of progression is going from the simple pieces to the ones with the most challenging shapes to build. The complexity in the queen comes from her crown, and it was a fun challenge to tackle. I had to try a couple techniques because the first one resulting in points that were.. well uhm, too pointy I guess.

    Speaking of redoing things, remember to bump your undo limit all the way up in your “user preferences”, because 32 is insufficient for when you mess up your crown (and mess it up you will). Also, save, save, save!

    Total Time: ~1 hour

    [ download: chess_queen.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 12: Bowling Action Scene

    It would be entirely irresponsible to build Bowling Pins and a Bowling Ball and then just let them sit there idle. So, being the upstanding member of the 3d modeling community that I am, I assembled the above action shot to breath some life into those dusty assets. A single still frame of a likely strike, which almost assuridly will result in one spinning & wobbly, yet ultimately sturdy and stubborn, asshole pin. You can almost fell the shattered hopes.

    I enjoyed playing around with the reflective properties of the floor material, and I feel like a small, faint understanding of how to interlay diffuse and specular color properties might be starting to take root.

    Total Time: 1 hour

    [ download: bowling_pin.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 04: Scissors

    Today’s model is my small trimming scissors I keep in the bathroom. This is the first time I’ve ventured off on my own without following (or even looking at) any tutorials or guides. Metallic materials still remain elusive, but I’m feeling more confident in my geometry manipulation.

    Total time: 4 hours 30 minutes

    [ download: scissors.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 03: Texturing Big Knife

    Today I worked on texturing yesterday’s bowie knife model. Technically not a new model, but it was nice to be able to spend a good deal of time experimenting with materials and textures.

    The wood material is procedurally generated form the default Wood texture that ships with Blender, and I think it turned out alright. The steel material is untextured, and just uses diffuse, specular, and some ‘mirror’ properties on the material. I would like to spend more time on the steel material, as it still looks a bit ‘flat’ to me. I suspect materials take a lot of practice to master, so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to figure it out eventually.

    Wood material based on this tutorial, and the steel is almost entirely based on this one.

    Model a Day Challenge

    With no prior knowledge of how to create 3D models, I plan to create one model a day for the next 14 days and document the progress here. I will be using Blender since it’s free, but that’s about all I know right now.


    This all started a couple days ago when I needed a simple boat asset for a project. It didn’t even need to be final; just something temporary to play the role for awhile. So like any typical programmer I decided, “I’ll just make my own!” How hard could it be?

    A few hours later I was struggling to move around the Blender viewport with no idea where to begin building a low poly hull. So, after living the fantasy of “maybe it would be neat to learn 3D modeling sometime soon” for the last forever, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get a little wet.