After a bit of silence, I’m proud to announce my return with the above temple.

Yes, I failed miserably and didn’t create any models for the past few days, but let me explain (or try to).

See, I started on a pineapple model and wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. After a few frustrating minutes in Blender, I started looking for some help and found a video of someone streaming as they built a pineapple… perfect, right!? However, about 1 minute into the video, came the realization that I had only barely scratched the surface of how to manipulate geometry effectively, and I was going to need some more structure on my quest.

Luckily, I found a good deal on some Blender courses at Udemy for $20. Specifically, [this one][blender tutorial]. So, I’ve still been busy following along and going back to the basic of Blender these last several days and really focusing on the keyboard shortcuts and shorthand tricks.

And, now we’re caught back up to creating this temple. While not particularly interesting in itself, it was a good model to practice insetting, extruding, snapping, and the super nifty array tool. It’s all starting to feel somewhat naturals, and boy, do I like arrays.

[ download: pyramid.blend ]