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    Model a Day - Day 17: Rook

    Half way done with the chess pieces, and now I’m ready to just wrap it up. Well, except for the knight… I’m looking forward to that one, which is why it’s saved for last. There’s nothing particularlly special about today’s rook, besides it being a required part out the set.

    As this was more an excersise of previous techniques, I turned it into a mini time challange for myself. At just over half an hour, it’s one of the quicker models I’ve made to date, and the shortest from the chess set.

    Total Time: 33 minutes

    [ download: chess_rook.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 16: The Queen

    Following the chess theme, next up is the queen.

    If you’ve been following the progression from the pawn and bishop, you may have noticed the pattern of progression is going from the simple pieces to the ones with the most challenging shapes to build. The complexity in the queen comes from her crown, and it was a fun challenge to tackle. I had to try a couple techniques because the first one resulting in points that were.. well uhm, too pointy I guess.

    Speaking of redoing things, remember to bump your undo limit all the way up in your “user preferences”, because 32 is insufficient for when you mess up your crown (and mess it up you will). Also, save, save, save!

    Total Time: ~1 hour

    [ download: chess_queen.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 15: Chess Bishop

    Following the pawn from yesterday, is today’s bishop model. The bishop was a bit more fun to build than the pawn, and I got to mess around with the boolean modifer some to cut out the notch for his fancy little hat.

    Total Time: ~1 hour

    [ download: chess_bishop.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 13: Chess Pawn

    As you may have guessed, the current lesson plan for the Udemy course I’ve been following revolves around chess. My first piece from the set is a modest pawn, shown in the render above. Although the lesson didn’t cover any major new topics, it was a good exercise using some of the techniques that are starting to become familiar. Plus, building a chess board seems like a necessary right of passage, similar to printing the fibonacci sequence or blinding implementing bubble sort.

    Total Time: 45 minutes

    [ download: chess_pawn.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 12: Bowling Action Scene

    It would be entirely irresponsible to build Bowling Pins and a Bowling Ball and then just let them sit there idle. So, being the upstanding member of the 3d modeling community that I am, I assembled the above action shot to breath some life into those dusty assets. A single still frame of a likely strike, which almost assuridly will result in one spinning & wobbly, yet ultimately sturdy and stubborn, asshole pin. You can almost fell the shattered hopes.

    I enjoyed playing around with the reflective properties of the floor material, and I feel like a small, faint understanding of how to interlay diffuse and specular color properties might be starting to take root.

    Total Time: 1 hour

    [ download: bowling_pin.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 11: Bowling Ball

    There won’t be any awards for this quick model, but it will go nicely with the Bowling Pins I made yesterday. Made from an ICO sphere following the Udemy course I signed up for. (And yes, the finger holes are way too small)

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    [ download: bowling_ball.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 10: Bowling Pin

    Today’s Udemy course focused on building simple curved models. After a quick refresher on Bézier curves and importing reference images, we were all set to map the edge of a bowling pin with a spline. Once the profile of the curve was set, the Blender rotate tool quickly turned the cureve into a nice 3d model. A couple simple materials later for the pin and the stripe, and you’ve got yourself a brand new bowling pin asset.

    Total Time: 40 minutes

    [ download: bowling_pin.blend ]

    Model a Day - Day 09: Aztec Temple

    After a bit of silence, I’m proud to announce my return with the above temple.

    Yes, I failed miserably and didn’t create any models for the past few days, but let me explain (or try to).

    See, I started on a pineapple model and wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. After a few frustrating minutes in Blender, I started looking for some help and found a video of someone streaming as they built a pineapple… perfect, right!? However, about 1 minute into the video, came the realization that I had only barely scratched the surface of how to manipulate geometry effectively, and I was going to need some more structure on my quest.

    Luckily, I found a good deal on some Blender courses at Udemy for $20. Specifically, [this one][blender tutorial]. So, I’ve still been busy following along and going back to the basic of Blender these last several days and really focusing on the keyboard shortcuts and shorthand tricks.

    And, now we’re caught back up to creating this temple. While not particularly interesting in itself, it was a good model to practice insetting, extruding, snapping, and the super nifty array tool. It’s all starting to feel somewhat naturals, and boy, do I like arrays.

    [ download: pyramid.blend ]